Readers ask: What Is A Light Sweater Called For Girls?

What is a light sweater called?

A cardigan is a type of knitted garment that has an open front.

What are different types of sweaters called?

10 Different Types of Sweaters

  • How Many Different Types of Sweaters are There? There are four key sweater categories: cardigans, pullovers, tunics, and turtlenecks.
  • Cardigan Sweaters.
  • Pullover Sweaters.
  • Crewneck Sweater.
  • V-Neck Sweater.
  • Tunic Sweaters.
  • Turtleneck Sweaters.
  • Mock Turtleneck Sweater.

What is a fancy cardigan called?

Tunic cardigans are extra long and can come with or without buttons. They look just like a basic cardigan but usually come down to right above the knee, and they are usually made of materials such as knitted wool, polyester wool, or linen cotton.

What do you call a sweater with a collar?

Crew Neck. The crew neck sweater, or crewneck sweater, has a short, ribbed collar that is round in shape and made to sit just around the base of the neck.

What are V neck sweaters called?

Shawl collar: The modern shawl collar sweater is descended from military or “infantry” sweaters given to American GIs. It features a rolled neck that is crossed or uncrossed in a v-neck shape; some versions offer 1-3 buttons or toggles that can be either functional or just for looks.

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What are half sweaters called?

A shrug is a cropped, cardigan-like garment with short or long sleeves cut in one with the body, typically knitted, for women. Generally, a shrug covers less of the body than a vest would, but it is more tailored than a shawl.

Are all sweaters knitted?

Sweaters are most often made from knitted fabric, as opposed to woven materials. Knitted fabrics are stretchier and less prone to wrinkles, and different knitted patterns can be used to create interesting textures and styles.

What do you call a sleeveless cardigan?

A sweater vest (known as a tank top or sleeveless sweater in the UK) is an item of knitwear that is similar to a sweater, but without sleeves, usually with a low-cut neckline. They were popular in the 20th century, particularly in the 1970s in the UK, and are again growing in popularity in this century.

What exactly is a cardigan?

A cardigan is a knitted woolen sweater that you can fasten at the front with buttons or a zipper.

Are shrugs fashionable?

Styling a cropped shrug is very simple, basic and easy. It’s also very chic and a stylish way to add glamour and fun to your summer dresses. If you’re wearing a printed dress, or a shrug for summer dresses full of colors, choose a solid colored shrug.

What do you call a jacket without a collar?

A box jacket is a straight unfitted jacket that is waist length or longer. A box jacket may or may not have a collar.

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