Quick Answer: How To Knit Neck Of Sweater?

Can you knit neckband on straight needles?

Insert the knitting needle into the corner stitch of the first row, one stitch in from the side edge. The stitches for this neckband are picked up around the V-neck using straight needles. Leave the right shoulder seam unsewn and begin picking up stitches at the right back neck. Work the neckband back and forth.

Can you double knit a sweater?

Overview. The double-knit buttonband is worked on a set of double-pointed needles several sizes smaller than the gauge needle of the sweater. Stitches are worked in double knitting to produce a tight fabric that has a stockinette face on both the right and wrong sides.

What is a scoop neck shirt?

A scoop neck shirt is one in which the scoop-shape neckline drops significantly below normal limits. Some scoop neck shirts, when worn by women, are cut low enough to display significant amounts of cleavage. These shirts come in a variety of forms, including those with and without buttons.

How do you knit a neat V neck ribbing?

Finishing a V-neck with Ribbing

  1. Pick up Neckline Stitches. First, pick up the neckline stitches and knit one round, beginning at the left shoulder/back join.
  2. Mark the Center Stitch. Mark the stitch at the bottom center of the V-neck with a hanging marker.
  3. Knit a Round of Rib.
  4. Mitered Decrease at Center.
  5. Repeat.

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