Often asked: How To Knit Sweater Neck?

Can you knit neckband on straight needles?

Insert the knitting needle into the corner stitch of the first row, one stitch in from the side edge. The stitches for this neckband are picked up around the V-neck using straight needles. Leave the right shoulder seam unsewn and begin picking up stitches at the right back neck. Work the neckband back and forth.

How do you knit up stitches?

When we say to pick up and knit, we mean to use yarn to “knit up” stitches along the edge. You are to grab the stitch (or some other loop) at the edge of the work with the working needle, wrap the working yarn around it, and pull the yarn through, completing it like a normal stitch.

How do you bind off a sweater neck?

If you find your sweater needs a little extra structure, you can work a bind-off before the neckline ribbing, pick up and knit one stitch in each of the bound-off stitches, and then work your ribbing. It will hold firm and prevent the neckline from stretching out too much.

How do you decrease the V neck in knitting?

If the front of your sweater has an even number of stitches, shaping a V-neck is as simple as splitting your front piece in half and working decreases to reach your required neck width. If it has an odd number of stitches, bind off or work a decrease to remove that central stitch and then start working the decreases.

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Which side is the neck edge in knitting?

right: As in “beginning at right front neck edge.” Refers to right as opposed to left. When a pattern specifies a right front, it means the front that would be on your right side as you would wear it.

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