Often asked: How To Crochet Sleeves On A Sweater?

How many stitches do I need for a sleeve cuff?

The rule of thumb is to decrease 10% of the sleeve stitches for the cuff, and this typically gives me 108 stitches for the cuff (or 27 x 4 stitch (knit 2/purl 2) ribs – it being important to operate in multiples of 4 in order to get a whole number of ribs, as usual).

How long does it take to crochet a sweater?

If a beginner spends a whole day knitting, he or she can finish a sweater in 3 days at most. But if he or she spends 4-5 hours a day knitting, it may take five days to complete one sweater. Beginners usually get more comfortable with different techniques as they do more knitting every day.

How do you crochet a ribbing at the beginning of a project?


  1. Figure out how wide you’d like your crochet ribbing to be and then work a starting chain of your desired length.
  2. Now fold your crochet ribbing in half and use slip stitches to join last and first row together.
  3. Turn your crochet ribbing inside out.

How do you make puff sleeves?

Start with a paper pattern of a sleeve. Mark the middle third of your pattern with parallel lines 3-4cm apart, cut and open out the pieces. The fuller the sleeve you are after the further you spread the parts. Traditionally it cannot be made more then 5cm.

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How do you attach a sleeve to a cuff?

Sew the outer cuff to the sleeve edge making sure you have your seam allowance visible at each end. Outer cuff attached at sleeve. Take it to the ironing board (I use a sleeve press to get into the tricky areas) and press the seams away from the shirt – towards the cuff. Press the shirt seams up towards the cuff.

How do you put a cuff on short sleeves?

When cutting your pattern pieces, add some additional length to the length of your sleeves. For example, for a finished cuff of 1” wide (2.5 cm), add 3″ (7.5 cm) to the sleeve: two 1″ folds to create the cuff and 1″ to account for all the seam allowances.

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