WorldsBestMatrix - Matrix 2

A Fast-fill 2x1 Forced Matrix


This is our Hybrid Personal Forced Matrix Plan designed to reward members fast generously.
There is only one Phase which is a fast-fill 2x1 matrix. From your original position, you only need two other positions filled under you to complete the matrix and earn matrix commissions and a re-entry - over and over!

The benefit of our 2x1 matrix is that it allows members to receive spillover from Direct Sponsor, from the Upline and and also from Admin.

Please see FAQs below for more information.. 



Cycle 2x1 And Earn:

  • You earn 0.0075 ($20 plus) commission bonus
  • Automatic Re-Entry into 2x1 Matrix
  • Receive advertising credits


Questions And Anwers

Q. What type of plan is Matrix 2?
The WBM Matrix 2 is a hybrid Follow-Your-Sponsor matrix (not company matrix that allows members to receive spillover from Direct Sponsor, from the Upline and and from Admin.
Q. Do I need to sponsor others to earn commissions?
No, but you would accelerate the process and help your Team members complete their matrix and earn commissions..
Q. Do I follow my sponsor when I cycle?
Yes, you and your downline will follow your sponsor and upline.
Q. Do I have to be a member of Matrix 1 to participate in Matrix 2?
No, you may choose to join any of our Matrix plans.
Q. How many positions may I purchase?
You may purchase unlimited positions.
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