Funding Your Account

Q. Why are you using CoinPayment as a processor?

A. Our software is compatible with CoinPayment, it works very well and their fees are very minimum.


Q.Do we have to do any email verification or anything after 
making the payment?

A. No, there is nothing to do after payment, no need to copy HashID


Q.What about the emails we received from Coinpayment after 
making a payment?

A. The mail said that you need to make payment as soon as you can to be sure that coinpayment will receive 2 confirmations for your payments before 15 hours.


Q. I made my payment (I have the confirmation) so why isn't my payment approved?

A. If transaction takes too much time or if people forget to add fees and they send not enough money, the transaction fails.

if you pay with coinpayment, it adds directly fees but with some others you have to add the fees.


Q. Do I get any type of message from Coinpayment if I need to add any type of funds for fees?

A. Yes, you will receive an email informing you of the issue and the necessary steps to take to solve the problem (Send additional funds) before the transaction is cancelled.


Q. Would I get the funds back if the transaction fail?

A. Yes, Coinpayment will send the funds back to your processors account.